Up and Running Senior Pet Services

Does your pet suffer from obesity, arthritis, neurologic disease or are they recovering from orthopedic surgery? Avon Lake Animal Clinic’s Up & Running Canine Rehabilitation services may be just right for you.

Up & Running Canine Rehabilitation is a full service, fully certified dog rehabilitation facility in Northeast Ohio. There are two Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners (CCRPs) on staff, who offer exceptional rehabilitation care tailored to your pet’s specific needs. These CCRPs are experts in the treatment and care of injured, overweight, postoperative, neurologic and geriatric animals; who are fully committed to improving the quality of life for your pet. The CCRPs at Up and Running Rehabilitation have a unique set of skills, as well as expertise in a number of areas that sets them apart from other practitioners.

These programs are tailored to the needs of your pet including these treatment modalities:

  • Therapeutic Exercises - Goals of the therapeutic exercises include muscle strengthening, keeping joints moving and pain relief, allowing them to get through daily activities such as getting up stairs, getting in the car, getting on the couch, or taking short walks with less pain.
  • Aqua Therapy – Aqua Therapy is a low impact, high resistance activity used to encourage limb
    use and function while decreasing pain and minimizing stress on the joints.
    Both cats and dogs can benefit from this therapy, as it is used in the
    treatment of many conditions such as postoperative recovery, osteoarthritis,
    and neurologic disease that limits mobility. Patients that are favoring or not
    using a limb will often improve when treated in the water. The gentle pressure
    and warmth of the water decreases swelling and edema allowing for soothing
    and relaxation of sore joints and muscles. 
  • Class IV Therapeutic Laser - This helps treat specific joints that are painful and arthritic. Though this will help with comfort and mobility,it is more targeted to specific and direct areas and joints as a non medicinal option that can be combined with other medications for pets that other disease progressions.
  • Veterinary Acupuncture - This can help with pain, inflammation and overall comfort, and can increase mobility and energy, while slowing down neurologic disease progression including hind-end weakness and disc disease.

Need More Advice? Get it from the Vets at Avon Lake Pet Health Campus

With a team of 11 veterinarians, combined with a superior support staff, Avon Lake Animal Clinic offers a complete solution for your pet’s care, and can help you decide what products and tactics are best for your pet’s needs. A full service AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) accredited animal hospital located in the Cleveland area, we care for many species including dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, pocket pets, birds, reptiles and other non-traditional species.



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