Tips For Traveling With Your Cat

Tips for Traveling with CatTraveling with cats isn’t something known as being easy or stress free and, though you may have had your fair share of traveling debacles, there are some ways you can prepare and turn car rides with your feline friends into an enjoyable experience.

Practice Makes Perfect
The most important thing you can do to make traveling a good experience for you and your cat is start early. They say “practice makes perfect”, right? Dr. Bystrom of the Avon Lake Animal Clinic suggests that by taking your cat on regular short car trips, like around the neighborhood, the stress of travel will be reduced in the future, as the cat will be desensitized to the experience.

Secure Their Travel
Dr. Bystrom also adds, in addition to practicing the act of traveling with your pet, that you should be sure to use a secure carrier when transporting your cat. Cats on the loose in the car rarely have a happy ending; you never know where they could end up. Carriers designed with cats in mind are the best option to ensure a happy traveling experience for all parties involved. These carriers include specs like proper ventilation and the ability to be secured inside of the vehicle.

Helpful Products to Ease the Stress
Dr. Bystrom’s last traveling tip is to use products made by Feliway, which are available at the Avon Lake Animal Clinic. The pheromones in these products help to calm your pet and diffuse any unsuspecting, stressful situation. There are a multitude of Feliway products that will help with travel stress, some of which including; a diffuser, a spray and wipes. To learn more about these products, click here.

With the help of these tips from Dr. Bystrom, you and your cat should be ready for a relaxing and enjoyable trip in the car, leaving all of your stress and travel horror stories behind.

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