Recommended Cat Vaccines

Cat VaccinationsVaccinations have been known as long term, simple solutions to illnesses for quite some time. These prove to be a great prevention technique for helping, not only humans, but also animals lead long, healthy lives. Though these have the potential to protect against a plethora of otherwise life-threatening diseases, they still have risks. These risks are no reason to run away and avoid vaccines altogether,but  rather, have a conversation with your veterinarian can help to determine the safest regimen for your cat.

Dr. Letosky of the Avon Lake Animal Clinic recommends different procedures for different vaccines:

  • Dr. Letosky advises that cats get their rabies vaccines first as kittens, then at one year, and then either annually or every three years.
  • For the DRC booster, she recommends that cats receive it as kittens, at one year old and regularly every three years after that.
  • The feline leukemia vaccine is a bit different; cats should get this vaccination as kittens and at one year, but follow up after those two is dependent on their individual exposure probability and should be discussed with a veterinarian.

Ultimately, vaccines are a very important aspect of managing your cat’s health. Though it may not be necessary for every cat to be vaccinated for every disease, having a conversation with your veterinarian about it is. Cats can begin to be vaccinated at six- eight weeks old, so it is ideal to begin to have these types of conversations with your vet as early as possible.

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