Our 5 Favorite Exotic Pets

5 Favorite Exotic PetsAre you looking to own a new pet, but prefer an adventure over the ordinary? There are plenty of exotic pets that are legal to own, but does more unusual also mean more maintenance? Luckily this doesn’t have to be the truth, check out these super cool, exotic pets that are also easy to take care of!

Bearded Dragon Lizards

These are arguably one of the gentlest reptiles. They have great temperaments and once habitats are established, they are one of the easier reptiles to maintain.


These lightweight and fragile marsupials make great house pets. The best part about chinchillas is that they hardly make any sounds!


The most important part about keeping a skunk as a pet it ensuring that it gets de-scented. Like ferrets, they are playful and should have time to exercise outside of their cage.

Guinea Pigs

These furry little friends coo with delight when receiving their favorite treats!  They also enjoy social interactions with their owners.


These curious little bandits will store found items throughout your home!  They enjoy group housing where they live happily with their ferret brothers and sisters!

Not Sure Which Exotic Pet is For You? Let The Professionals at Avon Lake Animal Clinic Help!

With a team of 11 veterinarians, combined with a superior support staff, Avon Lake Animal Clinic offers a complete solution for your pet’s care, and can help you decide what products and tactics are best for your pet’s needs. A full service AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) accredited animal hospital located in the Cleveland area, we care for many species including dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, pocket pets, birds, reptiles and other non-traditional species.

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