Getting Started with a Pet Turtle

Pet Turtle TipsTurtles may seem like the perfect pet to get when you don’t really have time to take care of a pet at all, but before you go and get yourself a new reptile check out these tips for getting started with a pet turtle.

The most important piece of equipment you will need is an aquarium tank. Turtles are surprisingly active, which means that they need to have adequate space to swim, bask, and climb around. In order to give your turtle the ability to do all of these things you will need to be sure that your turtle’s tank includes:

  • Access to sunlight or artificial lights including some UVB radiation
  • A type of gravel for the bottom of the tank
  • Basking logs
  • A water filter
  • A submersible water heater
  • A siphon hose or gravel vacuum for cleaning

It is always important to ensure that your turtle has access to water and also the ability to spend time out of the water, which also holds true to their feeding practices. If you have a freshwater turtle, they need to be able to submerge themselves in water when they eat, while tortoises are more of a land-loving species. What turtles actually eat changes as they age, but a wide variety of foods should always be offered to them. Typically, turtles eat protein sources when they are younger, but as they age, they become omnivores and eat a mix of protein sources and vegetables.

Overall, nearly any household could be suitable to house a pet turtle, but taking the turtle out of the tank is where a household can be dangerous. As your turtle wanders around the floor of your home, it is most important to keep track of him and his surroundings, as he could be easily stepped on. If this were to happen, the most important thing you can do it take him to the veterinarian immediately.

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