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Summer Dog Health Issues: Hot Spots

What are hot spots? The technical name for hot spots is acute moist dermatitis or canine pyoderma, which translates in laymen terms to meaning inflamed and infected skin. These are often the result of a bacterial infection that irritated your … Continue reading

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Signs Your Dog May Have Heat Exhaustion

From extra late nights to extra rosy sunburns, the summer sun can take a toll on your family in a number of ways, but one family member that you need to pay extra attention to is your pup. Though dogs … Continue reading

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Non-Profits We Love: Love-A-Stray

There are a lot of non-profit organizations that do amazing work to care for and support animals across the globe. Many of these organizations rely on the support of individuals to help them provide the amazing care to animals in … Continue reading

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Dog Nutrition Spotlight – Is a Grain Free Food the Right Choice?

We’ve all seen the recent television commercials promoting the benefits of switching your dog to a natural, grain-free diet. But is this really the right move for your best friend’s health? In this article, we’ll look at this current movement … Continue reading

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Puppy Plan

Have you recently brought a new puppy home? This is a new and exciting time for the family but remember that your furry new friend needs to visit us at Avon Lake Animal Clinic for vaccinations and testing to ensure they stay … Continue reading

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