Getting Started with a Pet Turtle

Pet Turtle TipsTurtles may seem like the perfect pet to get when you don’t really have time to take care of a pet at all, but before you go and get yourself a new reptile check out these tips for getting started with a pet turtle. Continue reading

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Our 5 Favorite Exotic Pets

5 Favorite Exotic PetsAre you looking to own a new pet, but prefer an adventure over the ordinary? There are plenty of exotic pets that are legal to own, but does more unusual also mean more maintenance? Luckily this doesn’t have to be the truth, check out these super cool, exotic pets that are also easy to take care of! Continue reading

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Tips For Proper Litter Box Care For Your Cats

Tips for Litter BoxesOne of the most common problems that cat owners face is bad litter box behavior. It may seem like the end of the world if you can’t get your cat to properly use their litter box, but there are some tips you can follow to, quite literally, clean up your pet’s litter box behavior. Continue reading

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What Type of Diet is Right for my Cat?

Proper Cat Diet RecommendationsLike humans, cats need a balanced diet full of essential nutrients in order to be healthy. There are many different types of cat foods on the market and they all suggest different benefits, from cat foods meant specifically for indoor cats to cat foods with added protein, there is no shortage of variety in this department. Continue reading

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Tips For Traveling With Your Cat

Tips for Traveling with CatTraveling with cats isn’t something known as being easy or stress free and, though you may have had your fair share of traveling debacles, there are some ways you can prepare and turn car rides with your feline friends into an enjoyable experience. Continue reading

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Recommended Cat Vaccines

Cat VaccinationsVaccinations have been known as long term, simple solutions to illnesses for quite some time. These prove to be a great prevention technique for helping, not only humans, but also animals lead long, healthy lives. Though these have the potential to protect against a plethora of otherwise life-threatening diseases, they still have risks. These risks are no reason to run away and avoid vaccines altogether,but  rather, have a conversation with your veterinarian can help to determine the safest regimen for your cat. Continue reading

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Recognizing Arthritis in Pets

Senior Dog CareOne of the most common conditions that senior pets suffer from is arthritis. This degenerative joint disease can cause pain to pets because the unstable joints cause the cartilage lines that normally act as a barrier between bones to erode and become inflamed. Continue reading

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Most Common Senior Pet Diseases

Senior Pet DiseasesWith age, it becomes more important to pay attention to your health and take the steps necessary to ensure you are living the most healthy lifestyle possible. This is something most all humans are aware of, but what many don’t realize is that declining health should also be a concern for pet owners with aging pets. Pets are considered to be “seniors” when they’ve reached half of their life expectancy, although, this number can range from 8-15 years, depending on your dog’s breed. Domesticated cats have a life expectancy of about 15 years, making them of “senior” status at about 8-9 years of age, which, for them, is the equivalent to a 50 year old human. Continue reading

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Diet Tips for Senior Dogs

Diet Tips for Senior DogsGenerally, dogs are considered to be of “senior” status when they’ve reached half of their life expectancy. Life expectancies differ depending on the breed of the dog; smaller dogs usually live from 15-20 years, while larger dogs live for about 12-15 years. When dogs become seniors, their nutritional needs change and become more important to regulate and keep track of. The main issue that pet owners face with their pets is obesity, due to the slowing of the dog’s metabolic rate of which they burn calories, making it much easier for them to become overweight or even obese. Continue reading

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Up and Running Senior Pet Services

Does your pet suffer from obesity, arthritis, neurologic disease or are they recovering from orthopedic surgery? Avon Lake Animal Clinic’s Up & Running Canine Rehabilitation services may be just right for you.

Continue reading

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