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Orthopedic Surgery


Our practice was founded on surgical excellence, and we strive to uphold that tradition to this day. Whether your pet has a fractured bone, ruptured cranial cruciate ligament, dislocated joint or other orthopedic disease, our veterinarians are here to help. We are experienced in many orthopedic procedures and are equipped to handle your pet’s surgical needs. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation or to discuss your pet’s surgical condition.





Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture

A ruptured cranial cruciate ligament (known as anterior cruciate ligament “ACL” in humans) is one of the most common orthopedic diseases of our pets. Due to the angle of the stifle (knee) joint in the canine and feline, there is tremendous force placed on the cranial cruciate ligament, causing it to fatigue and eventually breakdown. When this happens, instability is created, allowing a forward thrusting motion of the tibia (tibial thrust) with respect to the femur. The tibial thrust causes pain and can damage other tissues within the joint, mainly the meniscus (padding between the femur and tibia). If left untreated, arthritis will form, which can lead to chronic pain and lameness. Avon Lake Animal Clinic offers surgical correction of the ruptured cranial cruciate ligament. Although multiple procedures are available for correction of the deficient cruciate ligament, we have concentrated on the two that we feel give the best results. For our small patients, usually less than 20 pounds, we recommend a lateral stabilization method. For our larger patients, a Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) is preferred. Our veterinarians, through a comprehensive orthopedic examination, will make medical recommendations as to what is best for your pet. If you have any questions about cranial cruciate disease, please contact one of our veterinarians, and we would be happy to discuss your options.

Fracture Repair

Avon Lake Animal Clinic is also experienced in fracture repair. We have the ability to apply bone plates, insert stainless steel pins, and construct external fixators to assist in fracture healing. After diagnosing a fracture, we will make recommendations as what type of repair is ideal for your pet. We will also follow your pet throughout the healing process to assure a proper recovery. Please feel free to contact one of our veterinarians if your pet suffers from a fractured bone. We would be delighted to discuss your pet’s surgical options.

Casting and Splinting

Not all orthopedic diseases require surgery. Some might only need structural support or realignment through splinting or casting. Non-displaced fractures, dislocated joints, or tendon and ligament strains may heal well through these non-invasive procedures. We are well-versed in creating structural support to aide in the healing process. Also, if your pet has a disability or a chronic orthopedic condition, our Up & Running Canine Rehabilitation group can create personalized splints and braces to address these permanent conditions. Please contact them with questions about these products.

Amputation and Prosthetics

Some orthopedic diseases are so severe that surgical correction cannot be achieved. Bone cancers, severe traumatic fractures, resistant infections and neuropathies can leave a pet debilitated with a non-functional limb. In these cases, the best option may be amputation. Our veterinarians are experienced in these procedures. For these pets, our goal is to provide a better quality of life, alleviate pain, cure infection or cancer, and achieve a favorable cosmetic appearance. When applicable, Up & Running Canine Rehabilitation can fit your pet with a customized prosthesis, improving overall mobility. Avon Lake Animal Clinic and Up & Running Canine Rehabilitation will work side-by-side to create a surgical and recovery plan that is ideal for your pet. Please call for an appointment today.

Our doctors understand that orthopedic disease can be complicated with multiple surgical and non-surgical options available for treatment. It is our goal to review all options and formulate a medical care plan that is best for you and your pet. We are always available for consultation and look forward to working with you and your pet.


124 Miller Rd.   Avon Lake, OH 44012

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