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Pet Dental Care


Cat and Dog  Dentistry in Avon Lake Pet Dentistry in Avon Lake

Avon Lake Animal Clinicoffers complete dental care to all of our patients. Our Veterinarians are experienced in oral procedures including prophylactic dental cleaning, tooth extraction and oral surgery. Dental disease can be a cause of other illnesses, so we have designed dental recommendations to prevent this process. Bacteria of the mouth can produce plaque that leads to tartar, gingivitis and periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, if undetected, is irreversible and can be painful and debilitating to a pet. Therefore, it is important to establish a dental program early to promote good oral health. Please contact us for a dental consultation to get your pet started on a dental care program.

Anesthetized Dental Cleanings

When your pet is in need of a prophylactic dental cleaning or an oral procedure, they will need to be placed under anesthesia. Pre-anesthetic laboratory screening may be warranted depending on age and overall health of a pet. While anesthetized, our patients will receive intravenous fluids and will have their vitals monitored by one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians. A thorough oral exam will be performed documenting any abnormalities. Our veterinarians will then make recommendations on an individual case basis. If no additional procedures are warranted, a routine cleaning will be performed. This involves scaling, above and below the gum line, ultrasonically and/or by hand, and polishing to ensure a smooth surface resistant to plaque buildup. Your pet’s mouth will then be charted as part of a permanent record for reference if future dentals are warranted. Finally, a fluoride treatment is applied to promote healthy enamel.

Digital Dental X-rays in Avon Lake, OH

Avon Lake Animal Clinic uses digital radiology to assist in diagnosing oral disease. Digital radiology is a fast, efficient and accurate way to image the oral cavity. Immediate x-ray results benefit your pet by decreasing the amount of anesthetic time. The superior images generated by this technology are stored in your pet’s medical record for future comparison and review.

At Home Dental Care

A good oral hygiene program does not end with a professional dental cleaning. We recommend regular at-home oral maintenance for each pet. Our veterinarians and staff will provide you with instructions and helpful tips about teeth brushing, dental care and appropriate dental chews. With a good home oral hygiene program, you can prolong the time between professional cleanings.


124 Miller Rd.   Avon Lake, OH 44012

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